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About State Of Georgia

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About State Of Georgia

Adjust your headphones and volume, play some Ray Charles and take a journey with Georgia on your mind.
Located in the southeastern USA, Georgia is the 8th most populated USA country.

It was established back in the 18th century and went through various turbulent periods during three centuries. The country suffered wars and military conflicts, economic fluctuations, tough climate periods, hosted globally important political events and developed numerous economy fields. Civil war took place within Georgia’s borders leaving scars all over the place. Many cities suffered the Great Depression and farming, as a major field of interest back then, was severely weakened.

The country turned to alternative areas and aviation and airline industry became focused on economic development.

Georgia’s economy flourished in the 20th century, especially when giants as CNN and Coca – Cola became centers of country’s industry.

Back in 1996, Summer Olympics took place in Atlanta, the state’s capital, and tourism has been developing ever since. Nowadays, thousands of tourists come to explore the beauties of Georgia every year, discovering its rich history, natural beauties and various attractions.

“Must do” and “must see” in Georgia lists are stocked with opportunities, whether you’d like to have a slow motion holiday or wild and crazy with lots of adventures trip.

Georgia’s famous history, including Civil war and colonial periods, left numerous traces and historical monuments behind. The first thing to see is Martin Luther King’s childhood house in Atlanta. Ruins of Dungeness on Cumberland Island will take you through the Carnegie lifestyle and Augusta Canal, built back in 1845 combines both, recreation and preview of one historical period in Georgia. National monument Fort Pulaski keep the memories of soldiers and days of Civil war and the authentic atmosphere and architecture of Southern town can be seen in Madison, one of the most famous historic districts.

If looking for entertainment, inspiring artistic activities, food, drink, shopping and fun, there are several annual fairs and popular places in Georgia.
Fried green tomatoes are both, a movie title and “must taste” specialty of Georgia. If you find yourself in Georgia in September, don’t miss Helen’s biggest celebration – Oktoberfest. Dogwood Festival in Atlanta and Shrimp and Grits Festival hosted in Jekyll Island are two more celebrations attracting thousands of tourists. If you are a dynamic type looking for action, you should probably spend 10 days in Perry where Georgia National Fair features horsing, rides and various games every year.

Georgia has some of internationally famous ‘’must see’’ attractions you shouldn’t miss. Exciting Laser show on Stone Mountain, relaxing floating down the Augusta Canal or funny and intriguing hunting for gold in Dahlonega are just some of great touristic ideas for having a wonderful time there.
Astonishing Georgia’s coast spans between Savannah and St. Mary’s Rivers, including dozens of beautiful beaches, lighthouses, parks with incredible ecologic asylums, fortifications and several historic monuments. Fort McAllister, Cockspur Island or Okefenokee are open to visitors, offering a chance to explore the history of Georgia, enjoy wonderful nature and have fun at the same time.
Savannah’s River Street is recommended as “must see” during your first visit to Georgia and the chances are you’ll find yourself deeply attracted by everything Georgia has to offer equally as a touristic destination or a potential place for everyday’s living.

Explore the blog and take a virtual tour through Georgia to understand better what we are talking about.

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