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The Rich History of Georgia

feature-2The history of Georgia starts well before the establishing of the colony, with Native American cultures that go back to the Paleo-Indian Period toward the end of the Ice Age, about 13,000 years ago. The Clovis culture, recognized by its one of a kind projectile point, is the most punctual documented group to have lived in present-day Georgia.

The permanent settlements of the Late Archaic Period, including the striking population center at Stallings Island in the Savannah River, go back to 3000 B.C. During the Woodland Period, from around 1000 B.C. to A.D. 900, Native American groups in Georgia turned out to be progressively inactive, setting up towns and creating cultivation. Rock structures and mounds built during this time are found all through the state, incorporating the Kolomoki Mounds in Early County. Dating to around A.D. 500, these mounds are the remaining parts of a standout amongst the most crowded Woodland settlements north of Mexico.

Thereafter, for the approximately eight centuries of the Mississippian Period in A.D. 800-1600, complex native cultures, composed as chiefdoms, created and emerged life ways because of the specific components of their physical environment. Georgia possesses a special position both geologically and geographically, incorporating the Blue Ridge Mountains and also two diverse waterfront, fields, those of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Spanish vicinity also included Catholic preachers, who set up Santa Catalina De Gaulle and other brief points and missions along Georgia’s coast from 1568 through 1684. These missions assumed a key part in absorbing the Native American populations of the region into the colonial system.

By the mid-1600s English pioneers from South Carolina made raids over the Savannah River and into upper east Georgia, engaging in first in a thriving slave exchange of Indians and later in the much more lucrative deerskin exchange, which proceeded with well beyond the British colonization of Georgia.

It is difficult to place a real, meaningful beginning stage to Georgia’s history, however what is not in uncertainty is that Georgia has driven an extremely memorable existence – from its most punctual times, through the American Revolution, prior to the war period, the Civil War and Reconstruction, and its constant development up to present day.

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